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Concrete Pipe Making Machine

Concrete Pipe Making Machine

It includes Vertical machines for concrete pipes, Horizontal machine for concrete pipes, Machines for concrete pipes with roller suspension, Pipe testing equipment and Cage machines.
Concrete Batch Plant

Concrete Batch Plant

It includes Mobile concrete plant, Stationary concrete plant and Double shaft mixer. The working of a concrete plant is like that of a portable plant.
Block Making Machine

Block Making Machine

The block production machine is designed for the production of vibration-pressed perforated blocks, blocking blocks, paving stones, various specialty products and custom-made products.
Concrete mixer

Concrete mixer

It includes reversible cement mixer 10/7 Hydro concrete mixer and 10/7 concrete mixer. We have denoted a particular and dynamic position in the market.

We are a leading Concrete Pipe Making Machine Manufacturer.

The economic impact of mechanical engineering covers the entire Indian economy. The engineering industry offers essential and advanced technology to many other manufacturing and service industries. Industrial process control and other automation technologies enable end-users to maximize the productivity of their equipment. Sales of various types of machinery are accompanied by a wide range of high-quality services, including custom architecture, engineering, and logistics.


We are a leading Concrete Pipe Making Machine Manufacturer. We offer added value to society and the economy. We are working to leave a world worth living in for future generations. We are a family and we share the same goals.


We provide multiple quality Adopting control procedures with strict adherence. With our brilliant technical know-how combined with strong infrastructure capabilities, we offer a wide range of technically upgraded machines and construction equipment at affordable prices.


Whether you are an existing customer, a potential customer, or just surfing, you are important to us. We value the relationship we develop with you and strive to serve you. And once you become a customer, we will do our best to provide a great experience every time you call us.

Good work environment

We make sure that our workers get good work environment, we work as a family. We take in mind everyone’s skills and work accordingly as a team. we provide the best work environment.

Safety and Health

Safety is one of the top priorities in BM engineering. Everyone is obliged to follow the guidelines and guidelines to ensure their own safety and the safety of those around them.

Highest technical performance!

We are experts in the design and manufacture of construction machinery and equipment

Precision and quality

We are a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of high quality concrete pipe making machines because
we implement a variety of quality control procedures that strictly follow national and
international standards to maintain quality at all .


B.M. Engineering has got the variety of Products for all your concert Machinery related needs. We are a leading Concrete Construction Equipment Manufacturer. Our 40+ years’ experience gives you a perfect decision to choose us

highly specialized engineers

We have got Team of Specialized and technical persons in construction machine making industry. Having experience of more than 40+ years, We are masters at making the things best for you.

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    We at B.M. Engineering are glad to answer regarding construction equipments and pipe Machinery making machines.
    Yes we do offer that facility, in special cases.
    Yes we provide all types of machineries according to the requirement of customer.
    We manufacture Concrete pipes, Concrete Batch Plant, Block Making Machine, Concrete mixer.
    We provide the best quality work as we implement a variety of quality control procedures that strictly follow national and international standards to maintain quality at all levels.
    We export machinery in different African countries which include Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya. We also supply machinery to some Asian countries which are Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Indonesia and China.
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