Concrete Manhole Machine

The base is precasted along with sewer vent body, diminished the lifting work during establishment, however not exceptionally helpful to introduce.
Joints of Concrete Manhole Joints between the sewer vent components are practically the equivalent with solid lines, there are level joints, just as male and female joints. The seals for the hole are concrete mortar, factice, and elastic seal.

Wet Cast Manhole Mold

Wet cast sewer vent shape utilizes the steel form to assembling precast sewer vents, utilizing wet concrete as total, the completed sewer vent will fix inside the shape until it gets strong to eliminate the shape.

Programmed Concrete Manhole Machine

Solid sewer vent machine utilizes dry concrete as total, and with the high-recurrence vibration power, the completed sewer vent item has high thickness and strength, the shape could be eliminated right away after creation.