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  • TransGas
  • October 2018
  • www.forza44.com
  • Slovenija, Ljubljana
  • $1.299.525,00


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    BM arrangement of 10/7 Hydro Concrete Mixer are the best one bag concrete mixer and is utilized to blend concrete, sand and different aggregates to deliver concrete of the necessary evaluation.

    A 10/7 Hydro concrete mixer machine is a machine that mixes cement, aggregate (such as sand or gravel), and water to form concrete in a uniform manner. It is commonly referred to as a concrete mixer. Batching machines are important in the construction company. It is used to combine cement, materials such as sand and gravel, and water to create high-quality concrete and a solid foundation for structures.

    The B. M. Engineering can provide customers with a handmade concrete mixing machine. Although this heavy machinery is able to produce enormous amounts of high-quality concrete in a short period of time, this leading construction machine exporter also offers tiny concrete mixers, saving you time and money.

    Applications: Mixing of cement on building destinations.

    • Hydraulic Concrete Mixer 10/7 Features
    • Digital Accurate Load Cell based gauging framework
    • Double Bin powerfully worked container
    • Automatic Water Pump
    • Heavy Duty Cast Iron Drum empowers simple shifting of drum subsequently decreasing weariness for the labourer and expanding yield extensively.
    • Special stage gave on working side to helpful and safe activity of the machine.
    • Tire Axle with locking framework
    • Brand New Pneumatic Tires
    • Heavy Duty M.S. Channel Chassis

    Technical Specification of Hydro Concrete Mixer

    CapacityUnmixed : 10 cft. Blended: 7 cft.
    Volume450 Litres 
    Prime Mover7.5 HP air cooled HSD diesel motor/5 HP 3 stage Electric Motor
    HopperHopper 3.15 mm thick M.S. container using pressurized water worked with rock solid force pack.
    Hydraulic SystemSingle Action Hydraulic Jack. Single Spool with physically worked control valve, henceforth simple to work with any incompetent individual. ISI mark high constrain hoses to circle the oil
    Wire RopeUsha Martin 10 mm – 6×36
    Drum Speed18 rpm
    WheelsBrand new 500 x 19 pneumatic tire with center point and bearing framework, and squeezed steel plate edges – 4 Nos
    Handy Yoke100x100x5 mm C Section M.S. channel, Bearing System
    ChassisHeavy Duty M.S. 125 x 65 mm Channel undercarriage furnished with jack on each of the four sides for leveling the machine.
    Drive ChainRolon brand
    Mixing Drum and BladesHeavy Duty CI Lower drum 3.15 mm M.S. upper drum and hard core M.S. sharp edges for blending
    Drum TypeTilting
    Motor Cabin16 G (1.6 mm) Thick
    Dimensions MML 2640 x W 2060 x H 2960 MM
    Weight1360 kg
    10/7 Hydro Concrete Mixer
    10/7 Hydro Concrete Mixer