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    BM Engineering’s BM series machines are dry casting machines for the production of almost any machine Types of high-quality concrete products:
    • Reinforced and non-reinforced pipes
    • Round and non-circular pipe with a bell or on the wall
    • Jacking Pipe with PE, HDPE, PVC, or GRP Lining
    • Box culverts
    • Manhole risers
    • U Drain
    Single and dual station options A second production station can be installed initially or added in the future. The second station allows simultaneous production of two different product sizes and practically doubles the productivity of the machine.

    Standard equipment (BM-3000)

    • Electrically actuated BM core vibration system synchronized with grease-lubricated bearings.
    • The adjustable frequency of the vibrator.
    • A concrete feed with belt distributor for direct filling of all pipe diameters.
    • Hydraulic drive/turn device for tip forming by mechanical control of tube length.
    • Hydraulic units for driving concrete conveyors, pressing/turning tools, and all given machine hydraulic properties.
    • Mechanical lifting systems for different product lengths.
    • Stationary panel with PLC control and digital display.
    • Plate holes for cover holes, including a ladder to holes for easy access to the machine and its shape.
    • Vertical vibration casting technology
    Breadth mm Reinforced pipe Length=2500mm Pipe/hour Box Culverts Length=2000mm Units/hour 4
    800 7 5
    900 6 4
    1000 5.5 3.5
    1200 5 3
    1400 4.5 2.5
    1800 3 2
    2000 3.5 1.9
    2400 2.5 1.5
    2600 2 1
    3000 1.5
    The BM-3000 can be provided with various extra highlights to make activities and taking care of much simpler and improve creation by and large. These include:
    • Top ring (header) framework
    • Lifting opening gear
    • Pneumatic hardware for projecting of lined line
    • Double projecting stations
    • 3 Meter length
    • Quick migrated stage/pit cover.
    • Pneumatic bed bolting

    Standard equipment (BM-3000)