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  • TransGas
  • October 2018
  • Slovenija, Ljubljana
  • $1.299.525,00


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    The development of the cage machine is the huge piece of the fundamental scaffold development. In the past of the conventional development, fortification enclosure utilizes the manual rolling or the manual welding, aside from low effectiveness, the primary deficiency is that the nature of the confine is poor and the hardware size isn’t standard which profoundly influences the development time frame and nature of undertaking. The Steel Cage Welding Machine, Which joins steel fixing, twisting framing with moving welding, makes steel confine handling essentially acknowledged motorization and mechanization, diminishes the cycle time and the deviation between different connections, enormously improving the quality and effectiveness of the steel confine shaping, to makes a decent monetary and social advantages for the development units and become the future advancement course of strengthened cage.

    The B M Engineering Cage Making Machine is one of the highly efficient Cage Making Machine used to manufacture cylindrical and where required, oval or rectangular cage.

    Cage Making Machine Features

    • It is of high programmed, quick handling speed. Contrasted and the customary manual trim, it is 3 times more than conventional manual creation
    • The handling quality is steady and dependable: with mechanical activities, the primary support and the pitch of the winding is uniform and with high exactness. Due to the mechanical pivot, the plate fortification works intimately with the fundamental bar wrapping. Adding stirrup in the wake of framing, the uniform measurement can guarantee the concentricity of the support confine. The item quality satisfies the guideline prerequisites totally. The oversight of automated preparing of steel support confine fundamentally actualizes the “exception”.
    • The preparing cost is enormously diminished, when complete a similar measure of work, mechanical creation can save 3/4 of the labour
    • Labourer’s exhaustion strength is significantly diminished, because of the mechanical activity, labourers assume a supporting part. Development picture is enormously improved.
    • Stirrup needn’t bother with covering, contrasted and the manual activity; it saves 1% of the materials, which diminishes the development cost. Because of the uniform dispersion of fundamental bar in its periphery, it is extremely helpful when more than one of steel confine overlapping and saves establishment time