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    Machine for block and paving stone, it is updated and modified model, combining automatic and semi-automatic work to produce Hole block making machine with various types of cinder blocks or colored blocks for paving stone according to customer requirements.

    The capacity is around 4000pc / day for 8 inch blocks, or 300 ^ 2M / day for paving, pavement blocks, sidewalks, locks.

    The B. M. Engineering Hole Block Making Machines are highly versatile for producing Cement Brick, Hollow Block, Solid Blocks, Fly Ash Bricks, and Interlocking Blocks at best price.

    • External dimensions 1020 × 1040 × 2480 mm
    • Basic vibration table type
    • 16mpa nominal pressure
    • Vibration frequency 60 Hz
    • Pallet size 680 × 540 mm
    • Gross power 17 kW
    • Forms period of 20-25 seconds
    • Total weight of 3,500 kg

    Main technical features

    • The simplest block and paving machine hydraulic system and the basic elements of operation can be learned easily in a few minutes.
    • The layered layers can be fed by a simple horizontal system for double feeding.
    • Compression and vibration are organically combined. The finished product has high density and excellent performance
    • Adaptability of raw materials is good. Various dusts and residues can be infiltrated and used to make medium-sized (or high-quality) concrete products, with or without load-bearing capacity.
    • Block and paving machines are multifunctional and deformed. We Can make various specifications of cement products such as brick, porous brick, standard brick, insulation brick, grass brick, and concrete brick.
    • Strictly follow the quality control system to inspect every production process and ensure the reliability and accuracy of each component.
    • With compact structure, easy operation, easy maintenance, stable capacity, more efficient and good practicality. This paving and block machine is suitable for customers with small or medium investment.
    Hole Block Making Machine at Best Price
    Hole Block Making Machine at Best Price