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  • TransGas
  • October 2018
  • www.forza44.com
  • Slovenija, Ljubljana
  • $1.299.525,00


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    About Horizontal Concrete Pipe making Machine

    Horizontal Concrete Pipe Making Machine, Steel pipe machine, BM series concrete Pipe-making Machine are used to produce concrete pipes with diameters of 100-2200 mm and length of 2000-2500 mm.

    The machine uses rolling axis to support the pipe mould and to press the concrete inside the mould when it is rolling. The machine makes full use of the rolling force and centrifugal force to produce high quality and solid concrete pipes.

    Horizontal Concrete Pipe making Machine Performance

    This equipment is designed to use the support wheel to hold the pipe mould, and the wheels will be driven to rotate at high speed by the motor, the high speed rotation will produce the centrifugal acceleration, then the concrete will be compressed to in the inner wall mould and become density and solid under the function of the centrifugal force. Exhaust the extra water and air in the concrete, and form the standard quality concrete pipe.

    The concrete pipes made by this machine are widely used in Water Drainage, Storm Water, Sewage pipes, Agricultural Irrigation, Road Culvert, Power Plant Water treatment.

    Horizontal Concrete Pipe making Machine Superiority

    This equipment is easy to operate, convenient and safe, good performance, high rate of final product, good quality, finished pipe meet the International Standards.

    The B. M. Engineering’s Horizontal Concrete Pipe-Making Machine produce inner effective diameter 200-2400mm, length 2-5meter concrete pipes. These pipes are with different pipe end joint: Flat, Tonuge & groove, socket.

    Equipment Features

    The centrifugal machine is mainly used to manufacture the centrifugal equipments manufacturing the reinforced concrete drainpipes, driving the spinning of the drainpipe concrete pipe mold loaded with some concrete and reinforcing steel with a certain mixing ratio at different speeds, and the solid phase particles of concrete in steel mould will be centrifugal settling in the steel mould inner surface under centrifuge, meanwhile draining the excessive water, thus forming compacting concrete structure namely reinforcing concrete drainpipe. The machine mainly consists of riding wheels, shafts, bearing block, bearing, V-blet pulley, base and electromagnetic speed-controlling motor.

    Technical Data Details For Horizontal Concrete Pipe Machine

    Pipe Diameter (mm)100-300350-900900-14001400-2200
    Roller Diameter (mm)550700800900
    Pipe Length (mm)2000250025002500
    Motor ModelInduction or Speed ControlInduction or Speed ControlInduction or Speed ControlInduction or Speed Control
    Motor Power (KW)15253545
    Rolling Speed (r/m)60-60060-60075-75075-750
    Machine Dimension3000x2000x6003000x2500x9003000x2500x10003000x2500x1100
    BM Engineering Horizontal concrete pipe machine - 2
    BM Engineering Horizontal concrete pipe machine - 13