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  • TransGas
  • October 2018
  • www.forza44.com
  • Slovenija, Ljubljana
  • $1.299.525,00


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    The UTSP-0200 Concrete Pipe Testing Machine has been intended to complete UTSP-0200-01 squashing tests on sewer and channel pipes, solid lines, fittings, cones. The machine can be utilized for pipes with a length of up to 3000 mm.

    The machine comprises of an edge and a water-driven force pack. The edges are produced using a durable, 2 section development comprising of a prevalent pivotal and horizontal firmness which is accuracy adjusted. Incorporated in the crosshead is a twofold acting actuator in servo-quality. The actuator has against pivot framework to forestall the normal propensity of the actuator to turn. The stroke of the twofold acting actuator is300 mm. The burden cell is utilized for exact burden estimation and shut circle control.

    The top conveyor is rectangular and can be dethatched from the actuator and the base carrier is V-molded with a point of 150°. During pipe stacking, the framework permits the top conveyor to pivot 360 degrees at an even plane and permits it to move at the vertical plane of a base estimation of ±8°. As an alternative, 3-and 4-point twisting extras are accessible. The upper crosshead tallness change is finished with an electric engine drive for simple and exact test set up and manual through locking pins areUTSP-0200-02 used to fix the upper crosshead.

    The edge does exclude conveying the frame for the machine. The edge should be moored to the solid base, and all parts that are needed to do so are provided. The edge is provided with V molded base carriers which can be secured to the solid base.

    There are likewise 2 alternatives are accessible for the power pack. The machine can be provided with a standard programmed power pack, double stage, constrained by BC 100, or Advanced Automatic Power Pack with Proportional Valve.



    UTSP-0250The UTSP-0250 can test pipes with breadths from 500mm to 1700 mm and lengths from 1000mm to 3200mm. Loads up to 100 kN can be applied on lines from the top, with a twofold finished water-driven cylinder which is mounted on the upper crosshead of the machine. The situation of the cylinder can be set physically and a few distance pieces are provided for various measurements of lines. The heap estimation is finished by a heap cell and burden worth can be seen from the advanced readout unit on the control framework.

    Each line is situated on a conveying vehicle with one end with a mechanical lifting framework to surrender a point to 5. degrees to the intersection end of the lines. The lifting framework is constrained by a handheld framework. The two vehicles are situated on a moving stage can move outside and within the machine for simple putting of lines. This development is finished by 3 mechanized stuff box unit constrained by handheld framework.

    Both open closures of lines are shut with round cover that can be utilized for pipes distance across from 500mm to 1700mm. Water gulfs for various sizes of the line are situated on those covers (All measurements ought to be giving at the hour of request). There is a water-driven cylinder used to produce the tension on each finish of lines shut with cover. The most extreme heap of this cylinder is 800kN. The heap is estimated by a transducer and can be seen from computerized readout on control board. The cylinder is fitted on center segment of the machine. This segment and the covers is furnished with mechanized gearbox for simple test set up. Each engine is constrained by handheld.

    There is a water pressure framework fitted to the machine. The most extreme pressing factor is 1,5 bars. There is an advanced constrain check to see the pressing factor within the lines. The machine is provided with the complete casing, extras, pressure-driven force pack, and advanced readout frameworks. A little holder ought to be provided by the client.