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  • TransGas
  • October 2018
  • Slovenija, Ljubljana
  • $1.299.525,00


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    Vertical Vibration Cement Casting pipe making Machine is one of the most advanced RCC pipes making technology in the world , which integrate the technology of Mechanical, electric, Hydraulic, and the Automatics.

    Reinforced Concrete pipes, Steel Jacking pipes, Lined PVC /HDPE pipes, Manhole, Box Culvert, Concrete Wells All these pipes are widely used in the Road Culvert, Agricultural irrigation, Water Treatment, Power plant, Public works, Water Drainage.

    The B M Engineering is a leading manufacturer of Automatic Vertical Concrete Pipe Making Machine.


    • We adopt the technology of high frequency vibrating, which vibrates the concrete material thoroughly and distributes uniformly. The finished concrete pipes are with good performance of Density and structure, smooth appearance.
    • We adopt the technology of immediately mould releasing, each diameter pipe just need one set of mould. This helps to reduce the mould investment compared with other pipe forming machine, and also save a lot time and labor to assemble and disassemble moulds. Higher production efficiency and better quality
    • With half-dry casting concrete, low ratio of cement-water, only need the natural curing, it will save the steam curing cost.
    • High automation, with 360 degree automatic concrete feeding system, the vibrator core rod is Variable frequency controlled, the exciting force will be adjustable to satisfy different diameter and length pipe production. The hydraulic system provide enough power to the plant, and the oil cooling system, and lubricating system promise the longer running life.
    • Multifunctional, besides the reinforced concrete pipes, this machine is also capable to make the Steel jacking pipes, Lined pvc pipes, Box culverts, and Manholes.


    The machine for manufacturing pipes for vertical vibration casting is one of the most advanced technologies for the manufacture of concrete pipes in the world, integrating mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic and automation technologies.

    Reinforced concrete pipe, steel connection pipe, coated PVC / HDPE pipe, manhole, culvert box, and concrete as well. All of these pipes are widely used in road water supply, agricultural irrigation, water treatment, power generation, public works and water drainage.

    How does a vertical vibration machine for concrete pipes work?

    Vibrators for vertical vibration machines for concrete pipes

    The vertical vibrating concrete pipe machine uses semi-dry concrete as inert, the mandrel vibrator and the inner mould vibrate together to form the pipe vertically. Inside the vibrator, which is on the inside, is an eccentric block. These blocks rotate at a high frequency to create vibrations, and the vibration force is transmitted to the concrete via internal shapes.

    In a vertical vibration machine, there are 3-4 eccentric beams together with a vertical shaft. The vibratory force generated by the rotation of the rectangular block against the axis of the concrete pipe. This force is an oscillation from the circumference, like a vibrator, whose diameter is equal to the inner diameter of the pipe, oscillating continuously and forming concrete.

     This process is carried out by a machine to reduce the adhesive properties, internal friction, and gripping force of the mixed concrete particles. Along with all of this, it also helps shape the feed structure and compacts the concrete to a high-density level for the strength and other specifications expected.

    During the production process, when adding concrete, the pipes are sealed by vibration forces. The top end of the pipe is made by the vibratory force and hydraulic compressive force of the plate to form a joint. Helps provide good density, greater strength, and good dimensional accuracy to the top of the pipe.

    Moulds can be removed vertically after manufacture without drying. Concrete pipes can settle earlier than the original installation and are prone to deformity, especially at the top of the pipe. Therefore, we must strictly adhere to production technology to ensure that the finished pipe can withstand gravity and the deformation is not greater than the allowable deviation. To ensure the accuracy of the top of the concrete pipe, it must be protected with a steel or fibreglass collector during the natural drying process.