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  • TransGas
  • October 2018
  • www.forza44.com
  • Slovenija, Ljubljana
  • $1.299.525,00


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    BM – 1600 MM

    This machine for the vertical vibrating concrete pipe is a substitute for conventional production systems.

    Equipped with industrial robotic accessories, automation is available throughout the prefabricated assembly plants.
    With the powerful mandrel vibrator, the highest frequency of the tube machine, the machine can produce products of any size from 300 mm to 1600 mm and a length of up to 2.5 meters.

    Use dry cast concrete as aggregate as the mould can be removed as soon as it is made.

    The machine for manufacturing pipes for vertical vibration casting is one of the most advanced technologies for the manufacture of concrete pipes in the world, integrating mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, and automation technologies.

    The incredible vibrator in this vertical vibration solid line machine, boosts the thickness and strength of the solid. The vibration power of up to 398KN, and the most extreme recurrence of 4000rpm, makes the solid stream like fluid in the shape, framing a totally molded line with a smooth surface.

    The individual machine is programmed with the easy to use control board. the entire assembling plant could be worked consequently.

    • 1 and 2 movements accessible 1 and 2 movements could be planned by the necessity.
    • Simple restoring measure Dry-projecting cycle and the powerful vibrators produce the high strength pipe that solitary normal relieving cycle could cause it to turn out to be hard enough rapidly.
    • Distinctive Pipe Variations Vibration machines that can create an assortment of lines, for example, PVC lining pipe, steel lining line, and HDPE lining pipes.
    • Change shape in 60 mins Creative plan makes it conceivable to change the form inside an hour, while the special tensioning plan incredibly improves productivity. Steel form is important to make precast solid Box Culvert; High-quality shape could guarantee the completed item as precise as planned. BM solid box duct form can be made as wet-projecting and dry-projecting. Out shape set on rails which makes simple to open and close. Inward centre shape is imploded made demoulding simpler and quicker than conventional plan. BM shape gives tongue and depression joint and level joint as choices. The severe QC framework guarantees the blunder of the form close to 1 mm. Changes measurement, the biggest size could up to 11 meters.
    • We receive the innovation of high recurrence vibrating, which vibrates the solid material altogether and conveys consistently. The completed solid lines are with acceptable execution of Density and design, smooth appearance.
    • We embrace the innovation of quickly form delivering, every measurement pipe simply need one bunch of shape. This assists with lessening the shape speculation contrasted and other line framing machine, and furthermore save a great deal time and work to gather and dismantle molds. Higher creation effectiveness and better quality
    • With half-dry projecting solid, low proportion of concrete water, just need the normal relieving, it will save the steam restoring cost.
    • High mechanization, with 360 degree programmed solid taking care of framework, the vibrator centre bar is Variable recurrence controlled, the energizing power will be movable to fulfill diverse measurement and length pipe creation. The water driven framework give enough capacity to the plant, and the oil cooling framework, and greasing up framework guarantee the more drawn out running life.
    • Multifunctional, other than the strengthened solid lines, this machine is additionally competent to make the Steel jacking pipes, HDPE and PVC Lined lines, Box ducts, and Manholes.
    Measurement mm Round Pipe Length = 2500 mm pipe 8 hour Box Culverts Length=2000mm 8 hour
    300 70
    450 60
    600 55 50
    800 50 40
    900 40 35
    1000 34 30
    1200 30 25
    1400 24 20
    1600 18 18
    1800 14 15
    2200 10 12
    2400 8 10
    3000 7 8